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03/25/2018, 9:45pm CDT


This past weekend the Tigers took on the Mississippi Sting & it was a close scare with the Tigers finding themselves down late in the ball game in the 3rd qtr, where the sting had did everything to their name "STING" that's right, the Tigers will take a early lead in the 1st where "QB" Tereance Simon will hook up with a 20 yd TD pass to "RB" Jerrin Wright to then give the tiger what will be their only score of the 1st half. Then the Sting will come back stinging the Tigers with a long pass of 68 yards to find the "WR" deep in the end zone, Tigers will then take over when "QB" Tereance Simon will then use his legs on a 47 yard "QB" scramble to get the tigers down into bout the 20 yard line, Tigers then make a Sub in at "QB" where the back up will then throw a pick 6 to give the sting a demanding lead before the half. Start of the 3rd kicker Herbert "SMASH BROTHER" BELL will then kickoff for the Tigers, kicking the ball deep in the end zone where the ball was not covered by the Sting and the Tigers will cover and get the safety. The Sting will then punt the ball to the Tigers & The "SMASH BROTHER" will then find that TIGER fuel & return the punt for 52 yards for the TD, giving the Tigers just enough to put the ball game in the coffin. Both teams were truly undermanned but great respects to that fighting "STING' team & their program for  coming down to New Orleans with only enough BEES"10 " to give the "TIGERS" enough scare to almost be "STUNG". After speaking with Head Coach Tim Vessel about the Game that could have almost caused playoffs dreams down the drain here's what he had to say,

You know you never walk into a ball game expecting to lose but for that Mississippi Sting Team to come down and play us with only 10 players they are truly the winners in this match up no matter what the scoreboard says in my heart they are the winners "NOT TAKING ANYTHING AWAY FROM MY BALL CLUB" I mean we played with only 15 but those guys Did not even have a chance to even get a break or water. But in my eyesight Teams that will take that many guys on a long road trip to play a 60 min ball game are truly warriors, You know just last week I had to do it, as they say it's not the size of the Dog it's the Fight within him. Our road will not get any easier so every Dog we had on the field we gonna need it times two, but I am proud of my football team and truly believe we will turn it in the right direction.

Head Coach Tim Vessel

Well Tigers fans there you have it, Tigers come out with the WIN & is off for two weeks Can the Tigers keep the Good Foot going? Is this a new begging of the Return of the Smash Brothers? Only time will tell when the Tigers take on Arkansas Steelers @ Home when they come off their Long break, Tigers Fans I'm Brian Dixion and this is another report on your TIGERS insider until Next Time folks & remember GOOOOOOO TIGERS!!!!


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