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Terry Biggs sits down with Arkansas Hawks owner Reggie Arnold

02/20/2018, 1:30pm CST
By Terrance Biggs

Terry Biggs sits down with Reggie Arnold

Little Rock, AR - If you ask Arkansas Hawks’ owner Reggie Arnold a question, he will tell the truth. While the answer is not always pretty, the reply is honest. With that said, Arnold brings that same integrity, coupled with a passion for the game to the field. In 2018, the Arkansas Hawks will take the field as a full-fledged member of the APDFL. With Arnold at the helm, Arkansas enjoys an owner with accolades ranging from college (3,933 rushing yards and 34 touchdowns at Arkansas State) to multiple championships as a member of the legendary Oklahoma City Bounty Hunters.

Recently, a few Arkansas based teams folded. What makes you believe the Hawks possess the potential for longevity?

I do not sell pipe dreams to any of my players. What you see is what you get with me. Those teams that folded in the past did not have the actual talent to compete in those leagues. I picked players that possess aggression in them and wanted to be 2018 APDFL Champions

You are perhaps the most accomplished owner in the APDFL, based on your football career. How does that translate to recruiting?

Many people respect accomplishments more than they do anything else. Quite a few owners in my area assembled teams with a lack of true knowledge and understanding what it takes to win.

In Oklahoma City, you played an integral role in a dynasty. What did your run as a Bounty Hunter teach you?

It taught me that you have to invest loyalty in your players more than anything. No matter how much you bring to table, without them you will no doubt crash and fail. Secondly, OKC showed me the blue print to winning the APDFL

What does football mean in Arkansas?

Football in Arkansas may not be big as it in other states far as the stage, but it remains a key factor in the communities. The game goes a long way to providing a release for young men to escape trials and tribulations of their everyday lives. The Arkansas Hawks will be involved with reading at schools also meeting with local officials to help with area projects

Which offensive players will standout?

Quarterback is going to be a battle for us. We like both athletes. Each brings something special to the table. Josh Dixon features a big arm and high football IQ. Steven McDaniel played in the backfield with me at RB down in OKC. I assembled a veteran offensive line which will be anchored by Antoine Lewis at center and Marcus Bolden at guard. Additionally, the WR corps will be lead by speedster Kaelon Kelleybrew

Which teams are you looking forward to playing?

Crescent City Kings played in the GDFL last year. They field a good program that consistently competed against top-flight opponents. They should emerge as a force in this league immediately.

Mississippi Dynasty are the reigning champions. We see them early in the season. They will provide a physical litmus test for our program.

Regardless of how the Arkansas Hawks play in 2018, they appear singularly focused on continuous improvement. The APDFL will test the Hawks’ mettle, fortitude, and skill from the first game. If you take Reggie Arnold at his word, and you should, Arkansas should surprise the in 2018.

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