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First Responders Appreciation Predictions

03/20/2024, 2:15pm CDT
By Staff Writer

No. 2 Clarksville Chiefs Travel to No. 1 Columbus Storm in GOTW

March 20, 2024
By: APDFL Staff Writer

Columbus, GA - APDFL shows appreciation to all First Responders this weekend as week 4 of the regular season is set to kick off. Let's take a look at this weekend's matchups. 

No. 5, Wiregrass Wolverines (2-1) @ No. 9, Alabama War Dawgs (0-3),
Elba, AL
7:00pm cst.
A late change in location finds the War Dawgs back on the road once again to the Wolverines. Unable to host at their home field this weekend, War Dawgs will ultimately be the host down in Montgomery in what will be a rematch of a week 1 contest. War Dawgs appear to have improved each week they've taken the field thus far this season however, have they improved enough? Wolverines continue to impress. Coming off of their first defeat of the season, they will be looking to dominate this weekend as they play visitor on their home turf. Playing without one of their key players, #2 Noah Hill, could possibly show a weakness in their attack. However, they should still have the ability to pull this one out. 
Wiregrass Wolverines - 32
Alabama War Dawgs - 16

No. 4, Walton County Chiefs (2-1) @ No. 8, Alabama Headhunters (0-2),
Buhl, AL
7:00pm cst.
Taking to the road will always showcase the true heart of a team. If the Chiefs are able to travel full steam, then it's advantage Chiefs. If not, this could be an upset in the making. When playing at home, Chiefs have the ability to defeat anyone they come across. The same can't be said about their road team. Headhunters, a first season team with determination, have been improving on a weekly basis. They will play hard until the final whistle and this weekend are primed for the upset.
Alabama Headhunters - 18
Walton County Chiefs - 12

No. 3, Crescent City Kings (1-1) @ No. 6, Port City Vikings (1-1),
Mobile, AL
7:00pm cst.
Most weeks this would have easily been game of the week. Both teams come into this contest looking to go above .500 early in the season in what could have implications come post-season play. Both teams come in with 2 of the top defenses in the country. The difference however, rests in what both will provide on the offensive side of the ball. Kings are still looking to find their offensive identity while the Vikings have clearly found theirs. The question in this one is one of simplicity. How much has the Kings offense improved?
Port City Vikings - 12
Crescent City Kings - 8

No. 2, Clarksville Chiefs (3-0) @ No. 1, Columbus Storm (2-0)
Phenix City, AL
6:00pm est. 
An early season battle for No. 1 is already upon us. Only two teams remain undefeated and after this weekend, there will only be one. Chiefs have found themselves in some tough games thus far this season and have continued to find a way to pull out the win. However, they have yet to face the level of competition they will face in the Storm. Storm has the ability to defeat anyone lined up across from them. With a stingy defense and one of the most highlight generating offenses in the country, they will be hard to defeat at home. 
Columbus Storm - 26
Clarksville Chiefs - 14

There you have it! Predictions are in and the only thing left to do is to play the games. Like always, don't hate the predictions..... SIMPLY PROVE THEM WRONG!! 

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