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Domestic Violence Awareness Across APDFL

03/06/2024, 12:45pm CST
By APDFL Staff Writer

March 6, 2024
By: APDFL Staff Writer

Week 2 showcases Domestic Violence Awareness within the APDFL. Although October is the official month of Domestic Violence Awareness and October 19th is the official day, across the APDFL we feel attention should be brought to Domestic Violence even if we aren’t taking to the field in the month of October. 

On March 9th players, coaches and staff will be allowed to wear the color purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness. Players will also be allowed to express their individuality by wearing purple. 

Here’s a look at the match—ups for Domestic Violence Awareness Weekend. 

No. 1 Columbus Storm (2-0) @ No. 9 Alabama War Dawgz (0-2)
Montgomery, AL
7:00pm cst.
War Dawgz will need to be at their best this weekend if they hope to pull off the upset. Playing at home for the first time this season should allow them the opportunity to play with a full roster. Storm will look to continue doing what they’ve done thus far. Having not given up an offensive score thus far this season, the defense continues to get even better. Will the War Dawgz be able to find the end zone against the storms high powered balls to the wall defense? 
Columbus Storm - 48
Alabama War Dawgz - 0

No. 5 Wiregrass Wolverines (1-0) @ No. 8 Alabama HeadHunters (0-1)
Buhl, AL
7:00pm cst. 
Wolverines were impressive in their first outing of the season. Playing at home they were able to have their full line up participate. This week they take to the road for their first time and will not only need to deliver as they did a week ago, they will also need to show that they have the ability to be at full force while playing on the road. Headhunters came up short a week ago but did so in first class fashion. Playing on the road and against a high quality team, they were able to earn a layer of respect not often seen from a first year team. This weekend they will get the chance to perform in front of their home crowd. Will this be enough?
Wiregrass Wolverines - 26
Alabama HeadHunters - 17

No. 2 Walton County Chiefs (1-0) @ No. 6 Crescent City Kings (0-1)
New Orleans, LA
7:00pm cst. 
Kings will be looking for a way to bounce back this weekend as they play host to a tough Walton County Chiefs team. Chiefs are coming off of an impressive victory from a week a ago and will look to continue that run. Known as an organization that will travel as a team, Chiefs are expected to be at full till. Kings will need to play a much better game this weekend or their offense will go into week 3 of the season without having found the endzone. 
Walton County Chiefs - 16
Crescent City Kings - 12

No. 3 Clarksville Chiefs (1-0) @ No. 7 Middle Georgia Trojans (0-1)
Fort Valley, GA
9:00pm est
Clarksville will take to the road this weekend for their first of many road trips this season. As the most traveled team in the league this season, they will get to put on display what they, as an organization, are truly made of. Trojans playing at home should provide them with the ability to play with a full roster. Even at home, they will need to make sure they are playing their best football otherwise it can get ugly quick. 
Clarksville Chiefs - 48
Middle Georgia Trojans - 12 

There you have it. Predictions are in and the games are set. Only thing left to do is to play the games. Like I always say, don’t hate the predictions, simply PROVE THEM WRONG!!

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