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Mississippi Dynasty vs Georgia Thrashers: Preview, Prediction for 2023 APDFL National Presidents Cup Championship

07/10/2023, 4:00pm CDT
By APDFL Staff Writer

Mississippi Dynasty, Georgia Thrashers: Battle for APDFL Championship

July 10, 2023
By: APDFL Staff Writer

Eclectic, AL - Mississippi Dynasty return to the APDFL National Presidents Cup Championship Game with perfection in mind. Georgia Thrashers hit the big stage with the intent to accomplish two goals in one swipe - first team in the Eastern Conference to be crowned Champion and win their first APDFL National Presidents Cup Championship in team history. 

The two organizations will field a combined 16 players who were selected and nominated as members of National Top 25 over the course of the past two seasons. In this Championship game, the Thrashers will field arguably the most decorated team the Dynasty have ever faced. Thrashers QB1, Kivon Taylor, enters this weekends championship game as the National APDFL top ranked quarterback for the 2023 season. That’s just where it starts. Taylor completed the 2023 regular season with a 73.5% completion rate, 21.1 yards/attempt, 286 passing yards/game, and a QB rating of 148.9. All of which are APDFL National League Records. 

As for their counterpart, Mississippi Dynasty, a handful of players could contest that they are among the best the nation has to offer, and rightfully so. One of the nations most decorated teams, they have yet to come up short when playing for a National Championship. Or any championship for that matter! 

What should we expect from the Thrashers?

One of the nations top Offensive Coordinators, Cam Adams, gets the chance to put his high powered offense on the national stage. Many may not have heard the name however, this weekend that all changes. Based on his tenure as an Offensive Coordinator, at the developmental and high school levels, one could expect an air attack like no other. A cover 2 defense, which the Dynasty likes to play, will give both Adams and QB1 Taylor, the chance to expose any weakness in the secondary. Don’t forget, Taylor logged 447 yards in the air in a 62-0 routing against South Georgia Cavaliers. Who plays a similar style defense. 

As an offensive coordinator, Adams has featured dominant ball-catchers on a yearly basis. In 2023, Keithon Redding (No. 1) and Demarcus Sweat (No. 3). As well as 2022, Demarcus Sweat (No. 1) all being among the top 5 receivers in the nation. At the same time, WR Sammy Johnson, and the rest of the Thrashers WR core, can not be overlooked. 

Adams and Taylor will have a variety of choices to choose from when attacking the Dynasty secondary. 

What should we expect from the Dynasty?

Head Coach, Nick Blackman, can look back at the organizations past 4 championship wins (4-0 in National Championship games) to pinpoint the exact recipe for success. However, this time around he will need to study this year’s game tape to get a feel for exactly what the game plan will be. With several players having passed the torch, this younger, hungry and eager roster displays several new names absent from their previous championship wins. 

Not only will the Dynasty secondary look to stifle arguably the best quarterback ever in the APDFL, but in some circles, the best wide receiver tandem in the nation. 

The Redding and Sweat combination on the outside will certainly pose a new physical challenge for the Dynasty on the perimeter. The 6-foot-3, 200-pound Redding uses physical strength to create separation, especially in the red zone, while the 6-foot-3, 205-pound Sweat uses both strength and break away speed providing the offense with the ability to score from anywhere on the field. 

Typically, the Dynasty defense shows quickness and power to wear down their opponents. With a front 5, lead by Defensive End Justin Robinson, they will apply the most pressure Taylor has seen to date, however they will need to make sure they are able to contain him (Taylor) in the pocket or they will set themselves up for yet another issue. 

If Dynasty are able to roll extra coverage over to Sweat’s side of the field, they should be able to protect the deep ball while coming up on everything underneath. A blanket cover-2 is sure to leave them exposed. 


Dynasty’s defense will put together yet another championship performance. Dynasty quarterback, Adrian “Bobo” Moore, will have the ability to control the Thrashers front 5, but he can’t go throw-for-throw with Taylor. As the points accumulate, Thrashers become the favorite in a pinball matchup. 

Typically, the Dynasty defense has been able to hold opponents to abnormally low scoring figures and control the football. If the game ends with both teams scoring fewer than 24 points, Dynasty likely claims another APDFL National Championship. 

With Adams play calling, and Dynasty’s love for the cover 2 defense, Thrashers have an opportunity to expose the Dynasty’s young secondary. 

Eventually, Dynasty will have to play press coverage to keep pace with an air attack that will look to move the ball at will. The need to put up quick points will lead to a few turnovers and a loss for the Dynasty. Sending them home with their first loss ever in an APDFL National Presidents Cup Championship game. 
Georgia Thrashers - 30
Mississippi Dynasty - 24

THE Championship Game has finally arrived! The only thing left to do is to play the game. Like I always say, don’t hate the predictions, SIMPLY PROVE THEM WRONG!! 


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