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Storm vs Blackhawks, For First Responder Appreciation Week

03/23/2023, 7:15am CDT
By APDFL Staff Writer

Storm vs Blackhawks, For First Responder Appreciation Week

March 3, 2023
By: APDFL Staff Writer

Pinson, AL – This weekend we give respect to the First Responders across the country. On behalf of every member of the APDFL, we say thanks to you for all that you do!!

(15) Alabama War Dawgs (0-2) @ (7) Atlanta Tigers (3-0),
Atlanta, GA
6:00pm est.
Tigers have looked great over the first three games of the season. They have looked like a power house in the Eastern Conference through week 3. This weekend they will look to protect that reputation as they find themselves at home once again. War Dawgs are looking for a way to steal a win. Can they take to the road and prove the nation wrong? It won’t be an easy task!
Atlanta Tigers – 42
Alabama War Dawgs – 6

(6) Mississippi Dynasty (2-1) @ (10) Bayou Lacombe Cardinals (1-2),
Live: Link not yet shared

Mandeville, LA
7:00pm cst.
Cardinals open the season in 2023 behind the eight ball for the first time in team history. Will a change in coaching staff be the key to their set back? This weekend we will find up. Dynasty, well they just want to get back on the field. In their only on field contest thus far this season, they found themselves in an overtime defeat. Question how will they bounce back. With only a week under their belts with the new coaching staff, this one may be a hard one to turn the tides.
Mississippi Dynasty – 20
Bayou Lacombe Cardinals - 14

(17) Winchester Ducks (0-3) @ (16) Knoxville Outlaws (0-3),
Knoxville, TN
6:30pm est.
Both teams come into this contest looking for their first win of the season. With it being just a short trip up the road, distance shouldn’t be a big opponent in this one. At the same time, you never can tell. The Ducks have yet to live up to the hype. If they plan to turn that around this will be the weekend for them to take charge. At the same time, Outlaws feel like they are finally coming into their own. It will be hard bouncing back from an 0-4 start for either team.
Winchester Ducks – 16
Knoxville Outlaws – 12

(11) Panhandle Crusaders (1-2) @ (18) Mobile Miners (1-2),
Mobile, AL
5:00pm cst.
Crusaders find themselves in a very unfamiliar position. Returning to the field after taking a season away, they have yet to find themselves. The short trip to Mobile should eliminate some of the concern this weekend. Miners continue to be a work in progress! For them to reach the pinnacle and begin to get the respect they crave, they may need to head back to the drawing board….. Or they may end up in a “Mine” field.
Panhandle Crusaders – 36
Mobile Miners – 6

(8) Arkansas Punishers (2-1) @ (12) Nashville Elite (1-1),
La Vergne, TN
7:00pm est.
In the season opener, Punishers were able to have their way against the Elite on their own home field. This weekend, Elite will be looking for retribution as they get to play host to the Punishers. Can home field change the outcome? If Punishers are to travel with a complete squad, they will be hard to defeat. However, Elite stand out athlete Jason Shaw has continued to make his presence felt across the league. Another performance like his previous two, and they could possibly pull off the upset.
Arkansas Punishers – 24
Nashville Elite – 17

(14) South Georgia Cavaliers (1-2) @ (19) Alabama Bad Boyz (1-2)
Eufaula, AL
5:00pm cst.
Another opening weekend re-match that was an exciting defensive battle. Bad Boyz were able to go into South Georgia and walk away with a very tight victory. Can they do the same at home? Although their record may not show it, Cavaliers have continued to gel together a little more on a weekly basis. If they can pull off the victory, one would say that possibly they have come full circle. However, a Bad Boyz team that failed to travel with a full squad will be much more prepared in this weekend's contest. Advantage must go to the home team.
Alabama Bad Boyz – 16
South Georgia Cavaliers - 8

(2) Georgia Thrashers (2-0) @ (9) Clarksville Chiefs (1-1),
Paris, TN
7:00pm est.
A top 10 contest that, at this point in the season, just hasn’t been seen as a top 10 contest. Thrashers have the ability to score points and they have the ability to do so real fast. Chiefs on the other hand, well they still have a lot to prove before getting the respect they feel they deserve. This weekend it won’t be easy. The tale of the tape comes down to how the Thrashers travel. If the nucleus is to be in attendance, they may be a bit too much for the chiefs to handle. Then again, that’s why the games are played on the field.
Georgia Thrashers – 30
Clarksville Chiefs - 12

(1) Crescent City Kings (4-0) @ (5) Walton County Chiefs (3-0),

Defuniak Springs, FL
6:00pm cst.
A possible nomination for game of the week however, it just missed out. Both teams have played at the top of their game early in the season yet, someone has to come up short. Walton County is a full squad! They come into this contest highly ranked in all three aspects of the game. Dominant on offense, powerful on defense, and VERY special on special teams. They can score in all aspects of the game and playing at home, they will be hard to defeat. Kings….. Well, they are the Kings! To vote against them may not be the smartest thing to do and I wouldn’t recommend it. However, this week playing on the road, they will be challenged. This one will come down to mistakes. The team that plays mistake free football will away with the win. However, when you fair position vs position, and playing at home, Walton County will be hard to defeat. Only because I refuse to call a push…..
Walton County Chiefs – 27
Crescent City Kings – 26

(3) Columbus Storm (3-0) @ (4) Alabama Blackhawks (3-0),
: Moxey Meida Production
Pinson, AL
7:00pm cst.
A battle of two top 5 teams!! Only place you’ll see a contest like this is here, THE APDFL. Blackhawks have been tested early in the season. An overtime win in their season opener against the Nations top returning team, assisted them in finding their footing. This weekend they will find themselves tested once again. Storm come into this contest highly engaged and ready to prove to the league that they are deserving of their top five seeding. Although home field is always important, you can guarantee that the storm will be at full force. Another contest that could be considered a push, home field will be the deciding factor.
Alabama Blackhawks – 16
Columbus storm – 14

There you have it! The predictions are in and the only thing left to do is to play the games. Like I always say, don’t hate the predictions, SIMPLY PROVE THEM WRONG!!!

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