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Playoff Position Starting To Shape Up – Part 1 (Eastern Conference)

05/11/2022, 11:15pm CDT
By Bernard Hunt

Playoff Position Starting To Shape Up – Part 1 (Eastern Conference)

12 May 2022
By: Bernard Hunt

Atlanta, GA – With just 3 weeks remaining in the regular season, the post season seeding is starting to shape up. Eastern Conference picture is without a doubt the easier of the two. Post-season teams have been determined and with 3 weeks remaining, the fight will be for seeding.

No. 1Georgia Thrashers (7-1). With 2 games remaining, Thrashers find themselves in a good position to obtain home-field advantage throughout the post-season and a round 1 bye. However, it’s not a given. Presently the No. 1 seed due to 1 more game played than the Falcons, they will need to ensure they finish the season without another loss on their record and will need the Falcons to drop another game to hold on. They finish the season on the road against a strong Storm team. With a loss, they could find themselves falling as far as No. 4.

No. 2Florida Falcons (6-1). Falcons can enter the post-season seeded anywhere between No. 1 and No. 5. With 3 games remaining on their schedule, a complete sweep would guarantee them the No. 1 seed in the post-season and home-field advantage throughout due to holding the tiebreaker over the Thrashers. Due to location, home-field advantage would be huge if they are able to maintain it. They finish the season against 2 power houses in the Sabers and Cobras and a loss in both could be possible.

No. 3Alabama Sabers (6-2). Sabers are pretty much in the same position as both the No.1 and No.2 seeds. With 2 games remaining on their schedule, and one an automatic win, this weekends match-up will go a long way in determining their seeding for the post-season. With a win, they would all but solidify the No. 2 seed and with some assistance, could find themselves atop the Eastern Conference leader board. With a loss however, they could possibly drop to No. 6 when it’s all said and done.

No. 4Columbus Storm (6-2). With a great deal of help, Storm could work their way into the No. 1 seed. Having defeated the Falcons they hold the tie breaker over them and will face the Thrashers to end the season. A win by the Sabers this weekend however, will end any hopes of them obtaining the top seed in the east. If they are to drop their next 2 contests, they could find themselves as the No. 6 seed entering the post-season.

No. 5Georgia Cobras (5-2) – Of all the teams remaining in the east, Cobras appear to have the most room for movement. With both Blackhawks and Falcons remaining on their regular season schedule, a sweep would put them in a good position. As it presently stands, they could possibly finish the season anywhere between No. 2 and No. 7.

No. 6Alabama Blackhawks (5-3). Blackhawks may have come out the gate slow this season but they were able to regroup and find themselves in great position going into the post-season. With 2 very competitive games remaining on their schedule, Storm & Cobras, a win in each would provide them with head-to-head advantages over both teams. A loss in both would put them at No. 7 entering the post-season.

No. 7Tuskegee Ayrmen (5-4). With Tigers folding, Ayrmen are guaranteed to enter the post-season at 6-4 and will sit by the next 2 weeks and see how the others will play out. To move from the No. 7 seed they will need the Blackhawks to drop both of their remaining games.

Although the post-season picture is yet to be clear in the Eastern Conference, the teams have been determined. The battle for seeding will play itself out over the next 3 weeks.

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