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The Chase Has Officially Begun Part 2

05/28/2019, 11:45pm CDT
By Staff Writer

The Chase Has Officially Begun Part 2

The Chase Has Officially Begun

The regular season is over, and the Postseason is here. The race to the Presidents Cup hits its final turn.

We are just three days out from round 1 of the postseason and some amazing match-ups are going to be on display. The conference Championships will be played on June 15th and the National Presidents Cup Championship will be June 29th at Harland-Nelson Stadium in Parrish, AL just outside of Birmingham, AL.


1. Mississippi Dynasty
The Back-2-Back National Presidents Cup Champions are looking to do the unimaginable this postseason. With each passing season they appear to get stronger and stronger as they continually strengthen their core group of players. Although they faced numerous challenges in 2019, they managed to hold on and walk away with their first undefeated season in their quest for the 3-peat.

Best Win: Gulf Coast Gators 26-23, in what could be the best game of the 2019 season, the Dynasty were able to pull out a close victory on their home turf. From start to finish the game went back and forth with the Gators having a chance to walk away with the victory at the end of the game. Bad time management led to the clock running out with the Gators inside the Dynasty 10 yard line and looking for the game winning score.

Worst Loss: N/A

2. Gulf Coast Gators
Gators come into the postseason hitting on all cylinders and ready for redemption. Over the course of the season they have been impressive in all three aspects of the game and look like they may have reached the pinnacle of their game. All-Star QB, Tyrone Jones, looks to have elevated not only his personal play during the course of the 2019 season, but that of those around him as well. They will need to remain focused in the early rounds as the re-match with the Nations top team is surely on their mind.

Best Win: Georgia Cobras 19-16, Gators took on the APDFL North top team as they handed them their only loss of the season in what some have projected as a preview of what’s to come in the National President’s Cup.

Worst Loss: Only loss on the season came at the hand of the leagues No. 1 team. Gators had a chance to win the game in it’s closing seconds but was unable to execute as the clock struck zero.

3. Crescent City Kings
Kings have had some what of an up and down season over the course of 2019. To be successful this postseason they will need to regroup and most importantly will need to be playing at full capacity. In their two road losses they failed to show up at full capacity and paid for it on the scoreboard.

Best Win: South Alabama Dolphins 28-22, by defeating the Dolphins a few weeks ago the Kings locked up the No. 3 seed. An important move for them as playing at home could be the determining factor of how far they are able to go.

Worst Loss: East Alabama Predators 13-19, playing at home and in a game that they were highly favored to be victorious, the Kings dropped a much needed game.

4. South Alabama Dolphins
Dolphins have been impressive over the course of the season and they are much better than the 4 losses on their record would indicate. They will need to kick it into overdrive this postseason as their 4 losses all come at the hands of those teams seeded above them. This ensures them that for them to advance to the promise land at least 1 upset is on the horizon.

Best Win: Louisiana Lightning 26-12, prior to an administrative shake-up that saw the Lightning having to give up several of their winning games, this was the only quality win in the Dolphins win column. That could be problematic in the postseason.

Worst Loss: Mississippi Dynasty 0-20, Dolphins dropped two games to the Dynasty this season however, in the re-match they proved that they do have what it takes to push them to the test.

5. Tri-City Savages
Savages struggled during the course of the regular season in the win/loss column although they played just about each of their opponents close. As they make their way into the postseason they will need to turn things around as they open against one of those “not so close” opponents.

Best Win: Alabama Tigers 28-12, Savages first on field win came on the road at the Tigers in a game that they underdogs. They went on to win two of their next three games.

Worst Loss: Mississippi Dynasty 20-44, with one week remaining in the regular season the Savages took on the No. 1 team and were dominated in each aspect of the game.

6. Louisiana Lightning
Due to an administrative incident the Lightning will advance to the postseason in an unfavorable position. However, some would say that the change could be a hidden benefit as their travel will be cut down in their round 1 match-up.

Best Win: Tri-City Savages 28-6, Lightning took to the road a week ago and convincingly dominated the Savages as they played for the right to be the No. 6 seed.

Worst Loss: South Alabama Dolphins 12-26, Lightning have been close in each of their losses this season however, the Dolphins were able to take advantage of several mismatches throughout the course of the game.

7. Tri-City Rampage
Rampage will not be competing in the postseason.
Best Win: N/A
Worst Loss: N/A

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