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08/05/2018, 3:30pm CDT
By Terrance Biggs

Dynasty vs Kings Rivalry, Good For Football

When the Mississippi Dynasty raised their 2018 APDFL championship trophy, they cemented their place in history. Yet, history remains just that. Teams gameplan and recruit to dethrone every champion in the offseason. However, for all of the Mississippi Dynasty’s potential rivals, one stands alone. The Crescent City Kings and Mississippi Dynasty need to enter a yearly rivalry game. Below, the rationale will point to this being a necessity.


Pearl, Mississippi and New Orleans sit a straight shot down Interstate 55. In less than three hours, these two proud franchises could embark on an annual event that could rival any event at this level of football. Repeatedly, the Kings prove themselves as willing travelers. On the other hand, the Dynasty did travel to New Orleans last season. As a result, a quick three-hour ride to Pearl needs to occur.

Organizational Construct

If you look at the respective success of each franchise, realize a few similarities. Each team endured their share of early losses in hopes of building a perennial winner. Furthermore, each team actually invests in their franchise. In a world of transient clubs that fail to grab a foothold, the Kings and Dynasty exemplify the elite. You would think they’d want to play yearly.

That One Loss

In 2018, the Mississippi Dynasty tasted one defeat. The Kings defeated the Dynasty. Despite mass confusion and conjecture, the result stood. Granted, the Dynasty finished the season as champions, but the loss must sting. The Kings stood in the way of perfection. For this budding rivalry to blossom, each team must present the roadblock. Ohio State needs Michigan, North Carolina needs Duke, and Rocky needs Drago. Officially, the Kings hold a victory of the Dynasty. Not many teams can claim that. Champions go out of their way to avenge such defeats.

Ending Contrived Beef

If you peruse social media, websites flood with thinly veiled and overt insults between the teams. Although the season remains six months away, that chatter somehow elevated after the season. With so much potential to grow, members of each organization engaged in acerbic banter. Yet, through all of it, mutual agreement to a yearly game stops the what-ifs. As a result, each organization could begin planning for that game.

League Supremacy

With the Dynasty holding consecutive championships, they remain the gold standard in the APDFL. However, the Kings, from all indication not only want to defeat them but ascend to the throne. Regal imagery aside, this game benefits the APDFL. In addition, each franchise will benefit. Seeing each other on the schedule automatically bolster their strength of schedule. In regards to awards and lists, competition matters. Winning remains paramount, but who you played counts significantly.

With extensive reach, the APDFL ventures into areas where most leagues fear to tread. Installing a Kings/Dynasty yearly tilt makes sense. More importantly, it would draw massive attention. Selfishly, fans should demand this. Pride, legacy, and opportunity remain the three ingredients of important rivalries.



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