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Who will advance to the APDFL Championship?

06/15/2017, 10:15pm CDT
By DFUSA National Analyst

American Conference Championship
Opelika Chiefs (12-1) at Prattville Patriots (10-1)

“That one is going to be a toss-up just because the Patriots beat them earlier in the season, so the Chiefs are going to want revenge for that one. I hope the Patriots win, so we can also beat them in the championship. We’ve only lost twice this year, once to the Dynasty and once to the Patriots, so we hope we both make it there to let them know the loss was a mistake the first time.” – Donald Robinson, General Manager, Hiawayi Robinson Falcons

“I think its going to be a close one. They had a one-point game earlier in the season. I’m going to give the edge to the Chiefs since they played in the championship last year. They lost to the Bounty Hunters, but they had the game won, then there were crucial calls by the refs and a timely fumble by the running back.” – Mike Lloyd, Head Coach, Mississippi Dynasty

National Conference Championship
Hiawayi Robinson Falcons (10-1) at Mississippi Dynasty (9-1)

“I’m worried about one thing and that’s the Opelika Chiefs. I don’t really look at any of the other stuff. During Week 1, I couldn’t tell you who we play Week 2. We have not played either, but I know they’re both good quality teams.” – Hunter Price, Head Coach, Opelika Chiefs

“I haven’t really gotten to look at a whole lot of film on the Dynasty, but we played the Falcons earlier in the year and we put a 20-point win on them. I think Prichard will come in and give them a good game, they’re hot right now. I don’t think they’ve lost a game since they played us and the Dynasty has beaten some top teams. They beat the defending champions from last year and I honestly think we’ll see the Dynasty in the championship, but the Falcons are a talented bunch and are past champions, so they’ve got the experience factor. The Dynasty is a very talented team and I think we’ll end up seeing them in New Orleans, assuming we can get past Opelika.” Nick Fletcher, Head Coach, Prattville Patriots

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