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Western Conference Expected To Be Dominant Once Again

02/15/2023, 8:30pm CST
By APDFL Staff Writer

Western Conference Expected To Be Dominant Once Again!

15 Feb 2023
By: APDFL Staff Writer

Mobile, AL – The NFL Super Bowl was viewed by 113 million people, making it the third most watched television show of all time. The College Football Playoffs championship game was watched by just over 17 million people, as Georgia’s blowout win vs. TCU was the lowest viewership of CFP championship since the BCS era began. On Saturday, the XFL will return while on April 15, the USFL will once again, begin its own spring season.

With that, developmental leagues across the country are set to begin their spring seasons over the next few weekends. Amateur to Professional Developmental Football League (APDFL) returns for season eleven in less than two weeks and once again, the Western Conference appears to be the conference to dominate. 2023 will bring about a few new teams that will look to compete for the right to play in the National Presidents Cup Championship in Mobile Alabama on June 24, 2023.

Here are the rankings by conference (descending order):

Western Conference:

19. Wiregrass Wolverines Although the Wolverines are a first-year team, they will look to show the league that rankings have no meaning. Not much has been on display from the Wolverines this preseason, so what they will bring to the table is yet to be determined.

18. Alabama Wardawgs – Wardawgs will enter the 2023 season with several familiar faces on their roster. Previously wearing different uniforms, they will be tasked with showing a few organizations that unity squared, is much more powerful than going at it alone.

16. Mob City Miners – Miners complete the preseason with an impressive 3-0 record. As they ready themselves for regular season play, they will need to continue doing exactly what they have been doing over the course of the preseason.

14. Crescent City Rampage – In 2023, Rampage will look to have their most productive season to date. Some new faces on the scene will have the potential to help put them over the top.

8. Panhandle Crusaders – After a season in remission, can the Crusaders quickly return to form, or will they need some additional time to get game day ready? As they take to the field in this year's Commissioners Kickoff Classic, those questions will be answered very soon.

7. Walton County Chiefs – In 2022, Walton County proved to the Western Conference that they were ready to compete. Season two should be a bit interesting!

6. Arkansas Punishers – One of the most watched organizations during the off-season, Punishers will have the opportunity to show that they have the ability to play just as well as their image portrays. Competing in a tough Western Conference on a week-to-week basis, can prove to be a bit daunting.

3. Bayou Lacombe Cardinals – For two consecutive seasons the Cardinals have been knocking on the door. Some added pieces this off season could be exactly what the Western Conference championship ordered for them.

2. Crescent City Kings – Kings were able to cross the threshold in 2021 when they walked away as the APDFL National Champions. To make it back to the top of thrown, they will need to once again, find a way to defeat their biggest opponent.

1. Mississippi Dynasty – Dynasty are no strangers to the top! One of the nation's most successful and decorated organizations, they will enter the 2023 season in a very similar position. After coming up short in the 2021 Western Conference Championship, they made their way back to the thrown in 2022. Can they find themselves atop the nation once again?

Eastern Conference:

20. Alabama Bad Boyz – Making their way to the top may be an uphill battle for a first-year team however, Bad Boyz are ready to give it all they’ve got. How they perform over the early part of the season will be key for them.

17. South Georgia Cavaliers – Cavaliers could possibly be the sleeper of the 2023 season. Another team with an impressive preseason will be looking to show exactly how strong and powerful they are.

15. Nashville Elite – In 2022, Elite came out the gates full steam ahead. 2023 will need to see them come out the gates and continue that momentum deep into the regular season if they are hoping to battle for the Eastern Conference title.

13. Knoxville Outlaws – Many have indicated that maybe the Outlaws are seeded a little higher than they actually deserve. As always, only time will tell if they are prepared to live up to the hype.

12. Atlanta Tigers – This one is pretty simple! If the Tigers are to show up and play their game on a weekly basis, they really have enough talent to beat anyone. Mistake free football, however, can hurt a team significantly if they allow it to.

11. Winchester Ducks – Ducks have found themselves on top from time-to-time and will get a chance in 2023 to prove that the top is exactly where they belong. Will they have the ability to prove that they really can ride with the big boys on a week in and week out basis. A top-notch team new to the Eastern Conference, they should be able to position themselves for a fight deep into the post-season.

10. Clarksville Chiefs – With the departure of the Middle Tennessee Bull Dogs, Clarksville was provided a chance to compete. Much will be told as they take to the field amist a great deal of opposition. They will need to be able to keep their heads so not to allow distractions to upheaval what possibly could be.

11. Alabama Blackhawks – Though many may have possibly received much more attention than they deserve, the Blackhawks once, again find themselves being disrespected. They have the ability to defeat anyone across from them. However, the biggest debate against them is still the same. They will need to find a way to play up to expectations on a weekly basis and not just during big games.

5. Columbus Storm - Storm found themselves battling at a much higher rate in 2022 than ever expected. With several additions to the 2023 roster, they should be able to prove that they are a step above their Eastern Counterparts.

4. Georgia Thrashers – In 2023, Thrashers will round off the top 5 teams across the league. Hard to defeat in 2022, they should be harder to compete against as they approach the regular season. The acquisitions made during the off season will be expected to make an impact early and often if they are to compete for a National Title game.

With only eight days remaining before the kickoff to the 2023 season, you can guarantee there will be some hard-hitting excitement to come.

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