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2020 Schedule Set For Release

11/24/2019, 5:15pm CST
By APDFL Staff Writer

2020 Schedule Set For Release

24 Nov 19
By APDFL Staff Writer 

Jacksonville, FL - With the much anticipated schedule release for the 2020 season only two weeks away, APDFL Media sat down with league Commissioner, Bernard Hunt, and discussed the upcoming season and what can be expected throughout 2020. 

Media Writer (MW) - With the 2020 season just under 3 months away, what can the fans expect this upcoming season?
Bernard Hunt (BH) - 2020 is set to be an amazing season. League wide I expect it to be our most competitive season to date. 

MW - Are there any match-ups that quickly stand out?
BH- The game of the week each week is expected to be action packed and each one of them will showcase a great deal of talent. We have two amazing games in week 0 for the kickoff classic. Games of this caliber are unmatched anywhere else across the country. 

MW - Can you share with us some of the additions for the 2020 season. Some of the teams that you feel will battle for the Presidents Cup.
BH - Let me just say this, we have brought on some great additions during the off-season. We presently have 12 different teams that have won championships both within and outside of the APDFL and collectively, a total of 31 championships among them. It's fair to say that the competition is going to be fierce.  

MW - Is there anything we should look for, any big match-ups that may standout for opening weekend?
BH - Opening weekend will grab the attention of all football fans across the country. We have several great games to start the season so we opted to make it a "co-game of the week" situation. 

MW - Can you give us a little insight on who will be playing in those two games?
BH - Again, we have several games that could have been given that title to kickoff the season but two that really stood out. Panhandle Crusaders will travel to Redstone Raiders in one match-up. This is a rematch of last seasons XSFL Championship Game where the Crusaders were crowned champions for a third straight season. It's a cross conference game and both teams are expected to make a deep push into the post-season. 

MW - Any predictions on who will prevail? 
BH - You'll have to wait for the weekly predictions to get that answer.

MW - Fair enough! What's the second game?
BH - The second co-game of the week will be the Gulf Coast Gators traveling to the Georgia Cobras. Another cross conference game of two teams that are expected to make a deep push into the post season. Gulf Coast handed the Cobras their only loss in the 2019 season and both parties have been looking forward to this rematch since that game ended. Cobras are coming off of an impressive 2019 campaign where they made their way into the National Presidents Cup Championship game behind the nations most prolific offensive attack. While the Gators came up just one game short of making their appearance in the Presidents Cup as well. 

MW - Wow, those are two amazing games that I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to watching. 
BH - I firmly agree!

The APDFL kicks off the 2020 season with the Annual Commissioners Kickoff Classic to be held on February 22 in Phenix City, AL. For more information on the APDFL and the upcoming season, visit the official home of the APDFL at

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